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Colin Firth portrays former British officer Eric Lomax. (Lionsgate/AP)

Firth depicts the real-life experiences of Scottish-born Eric Lomax, who was a British Army officer during WWII. Lomax, 23, (Jeremy Irvine portrays the young Lomax) was captured by Japan and made a prisoner-of-war in 1942. While imprisoned Lomax was repeatedly tortured and interrogated. One man particularly stood out to Lomax when looking back, an interpreter by the name of Nagase Takashi.

Eric Lomax and his capture
Eric Lomax and Nagase Takashi pictured during WWII. (AITY)

Years after being released from the camp, Lomax told The New York Times, “At the end of the war, I would have been happy to murder him.” Lomax provides a detailed account of his experiences in his memoir The Railway Man, which describes years of fantasizing about what would happen if he ever had the chance to meet Mr. Takashi again.

In the film adaptation we meet Lomax later in life and upon retirement he begins a search for his torturer; who he finds and meets in 1993, almost fifty years since the war.

You can watch the trailer here courtesy of Digital Spy:

Lomax passed away in 2012 at the age of 93 in Berwick-upon-Tweed in northern England.

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By Brigid Brown