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The Twelve Doctors
The Twelve Doctors

On Saturday, to quote Steven Moffat, the Doctor did the one thing he has always tried to stop other people from doing, he took over the world.

In a record-breaking global simulcast, 94 countries tuned in to watch the Doctor (and the Doctor and the Doctor) battle Zygons and Daleks, and find a way to save Gallifrey from the ravages of the Time War.

“The Day of the Doctor” was the highest rated telecast ever for BBC AMERICA, the #1 television show on Twitter, the #1 television event on Tumblr, and had a higher per-screen average of viewers than The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

To try and gather the sheer acreage of press attention the 50th Anniversary managed to create around the world into one blog post would take us another 50 years, so here are just some of the many, many interesting things that happened during the last few days.

• Here’s our recap of the entire thing, ten of the best GIF moments, and the 13 callbacks and back-references included within the script.

• Steven Moffat explains Billie Piper’s role as Bad Wolf Rose, and why Christopher Eccleston would not be making an appearance.

• And of course, it was heralded by this prequel “The Last Day,” featuring the moment the skytrenches failed:

• And this funny thing David Tennant did about the props:

• Then there was the astonishing, cameo-packed “The Five(ish) Doctors”:

You can read more about it here.

• And all the while, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Event was going on in London. Which we were privileged enough to be able to attend. Highlights included these amazing cosplay moments, a discussion about Matt Smith’s departure in a special panel.

• And this meeting happened, between the seven-year-old son of Stuart Crouch and Tom Baker.

Stuart Crouch's son and Tom Baker

Which eerie replicates the picture Stuart had taken with Tom when HE was seven.

Stuart Crouch and Tom Baker


• And we had a poll in which expert Who fans voted on their favorite Doctors, companions, stories, villains and so on.

They also put their thinking caps on, to define precisely why the show has lasted so long and so well.

• On the big day, Google had this awesome doodle, which also featured an interactive game.

(Google/Matthew Cruickshank)
(Google/Matthew Cruickshank)

• And there was the Doctor Who personality quiz, in which you can find out which Doctor you are. Which is such a Ten thing to do (etc)…

And let’s just pause a moment to reflect on the fact that THIS happened:

The Twelfth Doctor

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

The title and synopsis of the Christmas special (Matt Smith’s final voyage in the TARDIS) has been revealed. After the Name, Night and Day, here’s “The Time of the Doctor”

The Time of the Doctor
The Time of the Doctor

An Adventure In Space And Time happened. And it was a wonderful thing.

Just before broadcast, this lovely interview with Mark Gatiss was released, to explain how it came to be:

• Steven Moffat has told reporters that he can’t break the rule about there being only 13 permissable incarnations of the Doctor, and that there have already been 13.

• He also described Peter Capaldi’s first scene as the post-regeneration Doctor.

• The band Time Crash has a guitar TARDIS. I repeat, THERE IS A GUITARDIS IN THE WORLD.

• Friday was the anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis, whose Narnia books share certain similarities with the tales of the Doctor. Here are five examples.

• came up with 50 wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey things to celebrate about Doctor Who.

• Take a look at this then-and-now photo gallery of the companions.

Read about Neil Gaiman, Jason Flemyng, and Mark Miller‘s earliest Doctor Who memories.

Take a look at these awesome ladies cosplaying as the Doctors at Chicago’s C2E2 convention.


Emma Thompson admitted on The Graham Norton Show that she would have totally jumped on the chance to play the Doctor.

Here are five shows that tried to fill the void during the dark years.

Paul McGann said that he’d be open to coming back and doing more Who down the line.

• Youtube user Stewdippin does an awesome job explaining Who to anyone who may be new.

• Ever wanted to see what the early concepts for some of the most famous Doctor Who monsters looked like? Look no further!

• WhatCulture’s essay on the legacy and power of Doctor Who.

• Eight traits that made the Tenth Doctor so awesome.

And this, from Austin Comic-Con, is an astonishing cosplay moment. An albino Silurian:

Albino Silurian

• Because if you aren’t already emotionally drained and full of The Day of the Doctor feels, relive all the most upsetting companion departures here.

• There was a royal reception for Doctor Who, during which this remarkable picture was taken:

Did anyone call four Doctors?
Did anyone call four Doctors?

Richard Swarbick made this beautiful animation of celebrating the “Doctor’s 50 years in Time and Space.”

• And for your listening pleasure, here are some Doctor Who tunes.

• 12 Life Lessons you can learn from the Doctor.

• Take this quiz to find out which New!Who Companion you are most like!

• And Youtube user, It’s Aimee did 50 seconds worth of Doctor Who-related  impressions.

All of the Doctor’s travels in one infographic.

• Tumblr user tahk0 made this Amy Pond piece for the “The Doctor is Out” 50th anniversary art show at Meltdown Comics in San Francisco.


• Let’s go out with a song. A fine trock song by Legs Nose Robinson, called “The Oncoming Storm”


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By Kristina Trujillo