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The First Doctor and his monocle
The First Doctor and his monocle
The First Doctor and his monocle

The Doctor has a magpie eye when it comes to getting dressed. He knows what he likes, and what he likes tends to be unaffected by the vagaries of fashion, because he is a man out of time. So rather than aim for a timeless sense of style, he cherry-picks items that interest him, whether it’s a lapel pocket handkerchief or a pair of knee-high leather boots, and jam them all together.

Here are eleven long-lost items of male grooming that the Doctor has shown affection for, at one point or another:

The Monocle
As worn by the first Doctor, the monocle (tied on a ribbon around the neck) is a precursor to reading glasses, or those half-moon specs people wear on a chain to look at fine details. With the benefit of hindsight, we can probably conclude that the First Doctor wore his monocle for the same reason the Fifth, Tenth and Eleventh wore their specs: to look more cleverer.

The Cravat
Ties are very important to the Doctor, and each one has his own favorite. The Eighth Doctor is the cravat-wearer, whether it’s the full high-collared Oscar Wilde affair we see in the Doctor Who TV movie, or the more ragged neck-scarf in “The Night of the Doctor,” he likes his ties to be bigger (and sometimes worn on the inside).


The Sixth Doctor strangles Peri
Briefly fashionable in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and a true dandy accompaniment to a pair of shoes: spats (short for spatterdashes), are a sort of outer sock that protects shoes from rain and mud. The Sixth Doctor had a red pair over his green shoes. A color combination that would be described as violent even in comparison with the events depicted above.

Shirts with embroidered collars
Specifically, shirts with a question mark sewn on the collar in red thread, as seen around the neck of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Doctors. The Seventh preferred to put his question marks on his sweater vest.

The Stovepipe Hat

The Second Doctor's Stovepipe Hat

Because putting on a silly hat and trying to style it out was not the preserve of the Eleventh Doctor. The First had his black jinnah cap, the Third had a flat cap, and the Second wore this preposterous thing, which is just begging to be shot off at the first convenient opportunity.

The Fez
This one may possibly have more traction in Britain than America, as we had the comedian Tommy Cooper dominating ’70s light entertainment schedules while wearing a fez. As a result, fezzes are part of British culture now, and the Seventh and Eleventh Doctor’s affection for them merely serves to reinforce this.

The Massive Plaid Overcoat

The Five Doctors
The Third Doctor has an incredible sense of style. Fond of capes and velvet smoking jackets with elaborate piping, he looks every inch the groovy Vegas crooner who also happens to run a manor house in Cumbria, where it is so cold you need to wear a coat made from a dog’s blanket, and driving gloves, at all times.

The Ribbon Tie
Ties are VERY important to the Doctor, and if you’re considering cosplaying and you can match the tie to the Doctor, you’re a good portion of the way towards nailing your costume. The First and Sixth Doctors liked a ribbon tie, with the First’s being black and solemn, and the Sixth’s being blue and polka-dotted.

3D Glasses
The Tenth Doctor and his 3D Glasses
Not every out-of-time wardrobe choice is from a long way back into the past. The 3D glasses that Ten would bring out to check the effects of the void are a throwback classic two-colour stereoscopy, as seen in drive-in movies and the like. So they’re vintage, but not THAT vintage.

The Pocket (or Fob) Watch
Well, he is a Time Lord, after all. Hence the First, Seventh, Eighth and Tenth Doctors all preferring their timepieces to be on chain rather than around their wrists.

The Sixth and Second Doctors and their braces

As the Doctor is an honorary British citizen, he would call the things you call suspenders braces. And he loves them! The Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh Doctors all show a marked preference for holding up their trousers without a belt, and you can bet the First and Eighth have some on under their waistcoats, with only Nine being the clear stick-in-the-mud on this issue.

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