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Tube Sign, FINAL  copy
Do you have someone in mind to send a personal mesage to? (TubeSign)

Well, this a bit of fun to start off the week. With this handy-dandy online sign making service, visitors can fill in a a few lines and generate their own Underground Tube sign.

It’s pretty easy, you type in your message, press “Create” and, there you are. One might think, “What would I use this for?” There are plenty of options, you might use it to send someone a personal note or just a funny lil’ quip.

If you go to the generator application here, you can click on “List Recent Messages” at the top of the page, to the right, and see what others have come up with so far. Here are a few examples:

Tube Sign, Anniversary Announcement
Here’s an anniversary note … (TubeSign)
Here's a baby announcement.
… a baby announcement. (TubeSign)
... a zombie warning.
… a zombie warning. (TubeSign)

It’s like, “Hi! I was walking through the London train station and I saw this message … and, it’s for you??”

Please note, the signs only stay up for a short time, so please save your work if you’d like to hold onto it.

We did one too:

It's true!!
It’s true!! … now it’s in writing. (TubeSign)

Are you going to make a sign? 

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By Brigid Brown