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Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, is named after Englishman Sir Walter Raleigh. Check out what’s going on with 10 British things in Raleigh below:

1. The Oxford

(New Raleigh)
Would you like a side of Union Jack? (New Raleigh)

The Oxford, located at 319-105 Fayetteville Street, is the first gastropub to hit Raleigh, according to its website. The establishment is proud of this feat, explaining, “The term gastropub is British for public house, or ‘pub,’ which specializes in food that is a step above basic ‘pub grub.'” The menu is extensive, which you can check out here.

2. British Brick

You can bring a little bit of Britain to your landscape. (BritishBrick)

British Brick “promotes and maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship in brick and stone work, while providing you with a legacy of beautiful, unforgettable brick and/or stone work.” Chris Jacobs, a British trained brick mason, specializes in a diverse range of decorative and exclusive walkways, patios, and retaining walls.

3. Daughters of the British Empire in North Carolina

Strength in numbers. (DBE)

The Daughters of the British Empire is an international nonprofit group, with a chapter in Raleigh, with the purpose “to support four District retirement/nursing homes for men and women.” The society for women is open to women with British ties whether they are of British or Commonwealth heritage by birth, naturalization or proven ancestry. Women whose husbands or partners are of British or Commonwealth heritage by birth, or whose husband’s parent(s) or grandparent(s) are of British or Commonwealth birth, are also eligible. You can learn more about upcoming events here.

4. The London Bridge Pub

This London Bridge will not be falling down. (LBP)

The London Bridge Pub, located at 110 E Hargett St., is just that … a pub. It skips all the bells and whistles and puts all its energy into creating a welcoming atmosphere for those looking for a local watering hole. There may not be a menu but they do have some musical offerings. If you’re in Downtown Raleigh you can hitch a free ride on a rickshaw courtesy of the pub. You can find out more about the pub and upcoming events through their Facebook page.

5. St. George’s Day

(King's Meadow)
Hans von Aachen’s painting of St. George and the dragon. (King’s Meadow)

North Raleigh sports a European-styled village called Lafayette Village, located at 8450 Honeycutt Rd., and this past April they hosted their first St. George’s Day British Festival. The festival consisted of live English folk music, a play acting out St. George and the dragon, a Beatles cover band, historic interpretations and more. We hope it happens again this year! You can read about the festival and the history of St. George here.


It's called social dancing for a reason ... get to know your partner. (SCOT)
It’s called social dancing for a reason … get to know your partner. (SCOT)

The SCOT social group is open to all those interested in learning and promoting the culture and heritage of Scotland. The nonprofit group offers social meetups, dance lessons, educational meetings, and so on. You can find out more about the group and the next event here.

7. Doctor Who Meetup Group

The Doctors. (BBC)

The Doctor Who Meetup Group is currently made up of 406 Raleighfreyans & Dur-leks. The group gets together early in the month for a casual meeting; followed by a meeting later in the month for a meet-and-eat viewing party. We’re happy to say their event calendar is indeed booked for November 23, celebrating the DW 50th Anniversary at Atomic Empire located 3400 Westgate Drive. The event begins at noon and includes a costume contest, trivia and live streaming. As of now 81 members are attending and there’s 21 comments about the event. Join ’em! For the full details go here.

8. Burning Coal Theatre Company

Could this doll be the next Doctor Who villain?(BCTC)

The Burning Coal Theatre Company, located at 224 Polk Street, will be presenting a three-man show of William Shakespeare‘s Tempest from December 5-22. You may want to swing by the theatre before they go on their London Theatre Tour 2014. Yup, that’s right, they’re going to London Town.

9. Triangle Adult Soccer League

Go on, get out there. (TASL)

Are you ready for some football? The Triangle Adult Soccer League, formed in 2003, is all about promoting soccer and getting people out on the field. You say to yourself, “I’m rusty. I haven’t played in a while.” Well, you know what … others are probably saying the same thing. This group welcomes all skill levels and in addition to recreation, they’re about education. You can register here. No excuses. 

10. North Carolina Museum of Art

Artist is Richard Wilson. (NCART)
Richard Wilson’s portrayal of life around a lake. (NCART)

The North Carolina Museum of Art, located at 2110 Blue Ridge Road, hosts an array of work, including British portraits. British artist Richard Wilson‘s painting of cottages by a lake, circa 1744-45, stood out to us. What does it say to you? 

Do you have any additions? 

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