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(Orpheum Theater)

Memphis, TN has personal ties to royalty … the King of Rock n’ Roll that is. While Elvis Presley has “left the building,” his former stately home, Graceland, is open to the public. In addition to this kingly legacy, let’s check out 10 things British about Memphis here:

1. The Orpheum Theatre Memphis

(Orpheum Theater)
The lit up marquee brings on a rush of nostalgia. (Orpheum Theatre)

The Orpheum Theatre, located at 197 S. Main St., has been around since 1928 and seats over 2000 guests. The theater’s 2014 line-up includes British playwright Nick Stafford‘s War Horse (March 25-30, 2014) and British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (April 22-27, 2014).

2. Peabody Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is an ideal way to unwind. (M67)

The Peabody Memphis hotel, located at 149 Union Avenue, serves an elegant Afternoon Tea in the “English manner.” Guests are invited to enjoy a three-course menu made up of tea sandwiches, sweets and scones from the on-site pastry shop along with a selection of tea. The afternoon event is held Wednesday through Saturday, 1pm to 3pm; reservations are required.

3. Memphis Cricket Club

Let’s not get on this cricketer’s bad side. (MF)

The Memphis Cricket Club brings together “cricket aficionados bound by a passion for the game of cricket.” The Club’s website lists the main objective of the club as being: “To promote cricket in all its glory in Memphis.” If you’re interested in joining the group and competing, you can send an inquiry here. If you prefer spectating, you can check out the Club’s schedule here.

4. Fox and Hound 

We find ourselves cheering for the fox. (MOM)

The Fox and Hound, located at 5101 Sanderlin Road, pulls its name from the days of hunting in the English countryside. While the menu is American bar grub, the full bar offers 100 beers and counting with favorites like Guinness, Newcastle and mini Black and Tan shots. You can check out its menu here and list of events on its Facebook page. The pub has numerous TVs for sports watching and billiards tables for game playing.

5. Memphis Scottish Society

David Corbett is an award winning piper. (Memphis Scots)
Memphis Scots member David Corbett is an award-winning piper. (Memphis Scots)

The Memphis Scottish Society is all about everything Scottish. The group hosts monthly meetings on every second Monday of the month at Jason’s Deli, located at 3473 Poplar Ave. Each meeting includes a presentation of Scottish interest, focusing on history and culture. The group has social events throughout the year including the upcoming Burns Nicht Supper, on January 18, 2014, celebrating Scottish poet Robert Burns. You can catch up with the group and see what they’re up to with their Facebook page.

6. British Sports Car Club

(Memphis British Cars)
The British Car Club took a short drive to visit neighboring enthusiasts in Wilson, Arkansas. (MBC)

The British Sports Club, based in Memphis, was established in 1982. The group is devoted to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of British cars. Their website says the best way to join the club is to show up! Wait, wasn’t that Woody Allen? Well, in other words, everyone is welcome to join in their appreciation of British cars. The group hosts a monthly event called “Cars and Coffee” on the fourth Saturday of every month, with the next coming up on November 23. You can learn more about the group  on their Facebook page.

7. Tennessee Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare pops up in the most unlikely places. (I♥Memphis)

The Tennessee Shakespeare Company performs in Germantown, a suburb of Memphis (26-minute drive), at varying locations, partnering with multiple organizations. The group will be performing Romeo & Juliet on January 28 and 30 in 2014, at the Germantown Performing Arts Center, located at 1801 Exeter Road. You can check out the entire season on their Facebook page.

8. Memphis Geek Club Meetup

(Meetup Group)
The Geek Club’s events bring out a loyal crowd. (Meetup Group)

Of course, the term “Geek” is used affectionately. It doesn’t need to be said, but we all know smart is sexy. The group loves and celebrates all things in the Geekdom including Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings. There are currently 310 members, with four upcoming events including the Comic Cellar Board Game Night. The meetup group’s page reads, “Greetings. This club is about … look over there! Is that a laden swallow?!!!” If you know where this quote comes from, you’re in. Actually, even if you don’t, you’re still welcome.

9. Brooks Memphis Museum of Art

Everyone takes away something different from the pattern, or lack thereof. (BM)

The Brooks Memphis Museum of Art, located at 1934 Poplar Ave, recently acquired an authentic Victorian Crazy Quilt. The quilt was donated to the museum by Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Todd. The Crazy Quilt earns its name with scraps of cloth sewn together in random patterns. The museum describes the fabric art as, “Amongst the most vibrant and innovative textiles of the Victorian period.” It’d be nice to see the craftsmanship in person; in addition to the fine embroidery the quilt includes several hand-painted blocks of birds and flowers.

10. Celtic Crossing

Looking for soccer in Memphis? The Celtic Crossing has it. (Facebook)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again … if you’re looking for English soccer, then Irish bars may be your best bet. The Celtic Crossing, located at 903 S. Cooper St., opens early for the Premier League and even offers a special “soccer” menu for the early birds, which includes staples like bangers, rashers and bacon.

Do you have any additions? 

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