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(Viking Books)
(Viking Books)
Jennifer Saunders looks like she has something up her sleeve … we hope so! (Viking)

Comedienne Jennifer Saunders, creator and co-star of French and Saunders and Absolutely Fabulous, has been out and about talking about her new autobiography Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, which covers the “beginnings to end, but not in a straight line.”

Saunders stopped by LBC 97.3 radio station to chat with James O’Brien about her writing, as well as upcoming plans, saying, “If I read a biography I generally get bored by people’s grandparents … it (Bonkers) sort of starts in the middle and then goes off track, quite a lot.”

Rather than following a formulaic method, Saunders tackled the project as if it were a sketch comedy saying, “You try and imitate how you’ve seen books written and it just didn’t work because it didn’t sound like me. So, I decided to write it as if each chapter was a sketch show.”

Speaking of comedies, O’Brien asks if she’ll be doing more AbFab. He interrupts himself saying, “I should get a badge for being the one millionth person for asking you that question.” Well, maybe that is the lucky number with Saunders shooting back at him, “Well, because you’re the millionth, I’m going to say … yes!”

It’s not in the pipeline at the moment but Saunders clarified, “It’s in my head. It’s in my head to do it now. As where as before, it was in my head to not do it.”

It turns out, people asking Saunders about AbFab so much, and talking about it, has gotten her thinking about it and just plain ol’ “missing” it.

There’s plenty more in the interview, if you’d like to watch below:

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By Brigid Brown