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Hampstead Heath. (AP)

London is the greenest city of its size with green space covering almost 40 percent of greater London, some 66 square miles. The city’s stunning parks are splendid spots to catch up with your mates, cuddle with a special someone, soak in nature’s eye candy, … even take a nap. There’s plenty of exploring to be done with eight Royal Parks; and heaths and commons throughout. Check out these snaps of some of London’s magnificent parks:

Hampstead Heath. (AP)
This solo hiker gathers her thoughts in Hampstead Heath. (AP)
Greenwich Park. (AP)
Two girls catch up in Greenwich Park. (AP)
St. James's Park. (AP)
A couple sneaks a cuddle in the daffodils at St. James’s Park. (AP)
Victoria Park. (AP)
The tree-lined path guides the bicyclist in Victoria Park. (AP)
Hyde Park. (AP)
This gentleman admires the sculpture “Isis”, unveiled in Hyde Park, 2009. (AP)
Serpentine Lake/Hyde Park. (AP)
The paddle boats on Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park are very tempting. (AP)
A man reads a book by the pond in Hampstead Heath. (AP)
A man reads a book (look hard, he’s there) by the pond in Hampstead Heath. (AP)
St. Paul's Cathedral/Richmond Park. (AP)
The tall trees in Richmond Park make a nice frame for St. Paul’s Cathedral. (AP)
Wimbledon Common. (AP)
This tree, in Wimbledon Common, makes a nice canopy for a picnic. (AP)
Wimbledon Common. (AP)
A sitting area wraps around the trunk of this tree, also in Wimbledon Common. (AP)
Richmond Park. (AP)
The deers in Richmond Park are out for the “Rutting” season. (AP)
Hampstead Heath. (AP)
Hampstead Heath has a jogging trail for runners … (AP)
Hyde Park. (AP)
… as does Hyde Park. (AP)
Kensington Gardens. (AP)
If you’re a sitter, there’s a place for you too at Kensington Gardens. (AP)
We weren't joking about taking naps, as seen in Green Park. (AP)
We weren’t joking about taking naps, as seen in Green Park. (AP)
Hampstead Heath. (AP)
Hampstead Heath has vast greenways for family fun …  (AP)
Giancarlo Neri's sculpture, "The Writer"  was on display in Hampstead Heath, 2005. (AP)
… and for fun and interesting sculptures like Giancarlo Neri’s, “The Writer”, 2005.  (AP)
Actors in 18th century period costumes walk around the newly restored Upper Lodge Water Gardens in Bushy Park. (AP)
Actors in 18th century garb visit Upper Lodge Water Gardens in Bushy Park. (AP)
A wild heron, Regent's Park. (AP)
A wild heron is out people watching at Regent’s Park. (AP)

Do you have a favorite park in London?

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By Brigid Brown