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Wonder what your pets get up to when you’re away? (YouTube)

Matt Hirst, a resident of Sheffield, England, went to work as usual but came home to find his cat, Dexter, and dog, Gizmo, had the run of the house, reports BBC News.

The first day you might think, that’s funny; the second day might involve some head scratching; by the third day, it’s just like, “Comeon’?”

Hirst couldn’t quite figure out how the dynamic duo were getting out of the kitchen, so like any curious keeper, he set up a “pet cam”:

Dexter definitely took the lead, but we’ll give Gizmo some credit as he did a good job of looking out. He even returned to the “scene-of-the-crime” after he and Dexter found freedom, possibly to check for any incriminating evidence.

Hirst wrote on his YouTube page, “We put the scratching post there simply because it fit nicely in the corner. My first thought when doing so wasn’t ‘my cat’s going to be able to open the door if I put this here’!”

The video is making the rounds with 479,000 views already.

Do your pets get up to antics? 

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By Brigid Brown