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It's not a sleepover without fancy dress pajamas, London's South Bank. (AP)
It's not a sleepover without fancy dress pajamas, London's South Bank. (AP)
It’s not a sleepover without fancy dress pajamas, London’s South Bank. (AP)

The UK’s IT industry, along with friends and other volunteers, are taking part in Byte Night, a 24-hour challenge to sleep overnight in nothing but sleeping bags to raise funds for Action for Children, an organization to support children in care, disabled children and combat youth homelessness.

The group will “sleep rough” for one night, with a goal of raising  £1 million, so vulnerable youths currently sleeping on the streets don’t have to. The sleepovers will take place across the UK including London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Reading, Edinburgh and Belfast.

The event has been 15 years in the making, raising over  £5 million, and has had direct results as seen in the video from last year’s event:

With most everyone at Byte Night, who’s holding down the fort:

These guys are sleeping rough to show solidarity with homeless teens:

British TV presenter Laura Hamilton tweets her support:

You can follow what’s going on throughout the night and take a peek at live photos and updates here. If you’d like more information on the fundraiser and how to make a donation you can go here.

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By Brigid Brown