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Edgar Wright's shot of a man being Ant Man (Twitter)
Edgar Wright's shot of a man being Ant Man (Twitter)
Edgar Wright’s shot of a man being Ant Man (Twitter)

See that fella crouching down there? That’s Ant-Man, the diminutive superhero with the army of insects at his beck and call. The picture was tweeted by director Edgar Wright, who, having dispensed with promotional duties for The World’s End for the time being, has commenced work on his next project.

Ant-Man is a Marvel superhero movie that should arrive just after Avengers: Age of Ultron, in summer 2015, and this is most likely to be an early test of costume and effects, something that will be incredibly important if we are to believe that a man can shrink down to a tiny size, and then fight full-sized baddies.

Edgar tweeted:


Currently we don’t know who is going to play the title role, nor will we stoop to making gratuitous insect puns – antastic, putting out feelers, is that the real actor or his mandible? – just to finish this story off.

No one likes a smartypants.

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