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The Doctor is ready for more

The Doctor is ready for more
The Doctor is [out]
Before we delve into the everything, let’s take a moment. We all know that 2013 is the final year of the Eleventh Doctor, and we all know that they are filming the Doctor Who Christmas special right now. But you may not have realized that Matt Smith has officially finished filming Doctor Who. His Doctor may have yet to meet his previous incarnation in “The Day of the Doctor” and then meet his own regeneration moment at Christmas, but the wig is officially off, and he’s heading out of the TARDIS and into his own brand of immortality on the stage and screen.

Which means that this selection of his most wondrous lines (from Seasons 5 and 6) will soon take on the patina of ancient Whovian history.

And what is his first notable post-Who career move? American Psycho: The Musical, that’s what. Amazing!

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• Here’s a Doctor Who pub quiz … to be played in a Doctor Who pub.

Steven Moffat will be doing a special session for Radio Times at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, entitled “Sherlock, The Doctor and Me.”

• Catherine Tate and David Tennant did a panel at the BFI last weekend (here are some photos). David talked about leaving and returning to the show, saying “part of me would have stayed doing it forever. But it’s one of those things where you just have to take a deep breath and think: ‘If I don’t leave this show now, people will resent me still being there in 25 years.’”

Oh and to answer the question you will possibly now be asking, yes, those are hair extensions, for his performance in Richard II.

Billie Piper is very pleased Peter Capaldi will be playing the Doctor.

As is Kate O’Mara. She was the Rani, y’know, and would very much like to be so again.

• And Peter’s old The Thick Of It mucker Armando Iannucci echoes these sentiments, while remembering that he was worried he would lose Peter to Doctor Who once before, when David Tennant stood down.

Karen Gillan is writing a film and is totally game for an AvengersGuardians crossover.

• An infographic of Doctor Who: 50 Years of Timeless Fashion

• How my kids became Doctor Who fans, according to a man in the Guardian. Contains this unbeatable sentence: “Lola even insisted on naming her first pet chicken Romana.”

• Stretching the listicle concept into new shapes, What Culture have come up with a list of their (and we’re paraphrasing here) six favorite individual performances of villains by actors playing villains, but it’s the actors we like, right, so not necessarily the villains, although if the actors are good, the villains probably will be too.

• And, back on slightly safer territory, Five Universal Monsters the Doctor has faced.

• And finally, back on clear form with 10 Protagonists They Should Totally Bring Back (including David Morrissey’s Jackson Lake, which is a very good point), and 10 Historical Figures The Doctor Should Totally Meet.

And while we’re on the listicle trip:

5 actors who were almost the Doctor

• Digital Spy’s best episode selection continues with “The Eleventh Hour,” and the Guardian sings the praises of the Seventh Doctor’s visit to his own past, “Remberance of the Daleks.”

The National Media Museum will be home to Doctor Who fun this fall.

Derek Landy has written a Ten/Martha ebook adventure for October.

• This. Because outtakes (and Daleks that say “bugger”) are always funny:

• A new book, The Doctor: His Lives and Times, is now available in the U.K. Here’s an extract.

20 inspirational dating tips from the ladies of Doctor Who.

• Let’s go out with a fake-but-grand trailer for “Day of the Doctor,” from YouTube team VG934 :


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By Fraser McAlpine