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Ben Whishaw and Olivia Colman
Ben Whishaw and Olivia Colman
Ben Whishaw and Olivia Colman

When it comes to news about forthcoming movies, it’s usually a good idea not to report on every half-baked plan before shooting even begins, in case you come across like a Hollywood version of a carnival medium, looking up celebrity news and gossip in the entrails of a chicken.

(Note: this does not apply to Benedict Cumberbatch, as he pretty much finishes off everything he is rumored to have started.)

However, some breaking news is so enticing, especially when it features some of our favorite actors facing off against each other in the most original cinematic conceit for ages, that it’s worth mentioning, almost to try and ensure it really does happen. And this is one of those occasions.

According to Deadline, Ben Whishaw and Olivia Colman have signed up to appear alongside Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and French actor Léa Seydoux in the debut English-language feature by the Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, entitled The Lobster.

It has a hugely appealing premise, in which lonely single people in the future are forced to find someone to share their lives with in 45 days, and if they can’t, they are transformed into animals and set free into the forest.

What? It’s a movie. That’s actually not even all that odd for movies.

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By Fraser McAlpine