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(Photos: AP)
(Photos: AP)


Kate Winslet, Dame Helen Mirren, and the entire female cast of Sherlock were shown no mercy in Round 1 the Anglo Fan Favorites women’s tournament and have been eliminated. We move on to the Round of 16 , which, as usual, is heavy on Doctor Who and Harry Potter alumni. (Don’t worry, Game of Thrones and Merlin fans: you are still in the mix.)

The rules remain the same: each week you’ll vote for winners in a round of matchups, narrowing down the field until we have one woman left — the Anglo Fan Favorites Woman of 2013. Each round is re-seeded so that the previous round’s top vote-getter faces the woman advancing with the lowest vote total. Vote hourly to make sure your favorites move on to the next round.

Alert the media, hire the Goodyear Blimp if you must — just VOTE! Round 2 voting ends Thursday, September 12 at 11 am ET.

FIRST: Maggie Smith vs. Michelle Dockery

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