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The cover of 'On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2' (Universal Music Phillipines)
The cover of 'On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2' (Universal Music Phillipines)
The cover of ‘On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2’ (Universal Music Phillipines)

We mentioned a short while ago that there would soon be an album of ‘new’ Beatles music in the, er, do shops still have CD racks? Non-virtual ones, I mean? The sort of shops that would normally be selling CDs? Well if they do, that’s where the album “On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2” will be sitting. Or possibly the vinyl section.

Anyway, we said it was coming and now it is. The full tracklisting has been revealed and among the snippets of Beatle interviews and other delights – including recordings of songs from the first Beatles album “Please Please Me” that do not feature John Lennon with a heavy cold – are ten songs the band never officially released, including Chuck Berry’s “I’m Talking About You,” the crooner’s delight, “Beautiful Dreamer,” a romp through Carl Perkins’ “Glad All Over” that is very much NOT the Dave Clark Five song of the same name, and even a tribute song to the BBC’s flagship pop show, “Happy Birthday, Dear Saturday Club.”

Sir Paul McCartney told the Independent he can hardly believe the verve of his younger self: “There’s a lot of energy and spirit. We are going for it, not holding back at all, trying to put in the best performance of our lifetimes.

“We’d been raised on the BBC radio programmes. One of the big things in our week was Saturday Club – this great show was playing the kind of music we loved, so that was something we really aspired to.”

Here’s a taster of the kind of thing on offer:

The full tracklisting is as follows:

“And Here We Are Again” (Speech)
“Words Of Love”
“How About It, Gorgeous?” (Speech)
“Do You Want To Know a Secret?”
“Hey, Paul…” (Speech)
“Anna (Go To Him)”
“Hello!” (Speech)
“Please Please Me”
“I’m Talking About You”
“A Real Treat” (Speech)
“Absolutely Fab” (Speech)
“Ask Me Why”
“Till There Was You”
“Lend Me Your Comb”
“Lower 5E” (Speech)
“The Hippy Hippy Shake”
“Roll Over Beethoven”
“There’s a Place”
“Bumper Bundle” (Speech)
“P.S. I Love You”
“Please Mr. Postman”
“Devil In Her Heart”
“The 49 Weeks” (Speech)
“Sure To Fall (In Love With You)”
“Never Mind, Eh?” (Speech)
“Twist & Shout”
“Bye, Bye” (speech)
“John – Pop Profile” (Speech)
“George – Pop Profile” (Speech)

“I Saw Her Standing There”
“Glad All Over”
“Lift Lid Again” (Speech)
“I’ll Get You”
“She Loves You”
“Memphis, Tennessee”
“Happy Birthday Dear Saturday Club”
“Now Hush, Hush” (Speech)
“From Me To You”
“Money (That’s What I Want)”
“I Want To Hold Your Hand”
“Brian Bathtubes” (Speech)
“This Boy”
“If I Wasn’t In America” (Speech)
“I Got a Woman”
“Long Tall Sally”
“If I Fell”
“A Hard Job Writing Them” (Speech)
“And I Love Her”
“Oh, Can’t We? Yes We Can” (Speech)
“You Can’t Do That”
“Honey Don’t”
“I’ll Follow The Sun”
“Green With Black Shutters” (Speech)
“Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!”
“That’s What We’re Here For” (Speech)
“I Feel Fine”(Studio Out-take)
“Paul – Pop Profile” (Speech)
“Ringo – Pop Profile” (Speech)

That’s Dad’s Christmas sorted out, at least.

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By Fraser McAlpine