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We find Sharon working in a pound shop in the first snap from Birds of a Feather. (ITV)

Pauline Quirke (Broadchurch) will be reuniting with original Birds of Feather castmates Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph for a another run on ITV, reports Radio Times.

The original BBC1 series was on air from 1989-1998. The main storyline followed two sisters, Sharon Theodopolopodos (Quirke) and Tracey Stubbs (Robson), who move in together after their husbands are sent to prison for armed robbery. The two sisters don’t have much time alone with their nosey neighbor Dorieen Green (Joseph), a married woman who is keen on having affairs with younger men.

Here’s a clip of where the series left off in the 1998 Christmas special:

As Brits might affectionately say, these ladies are a bit “mad”, but who can blame them … birds of a feather, flock together don’t they. We see why they get along.

Starting in 2009 there was talk of the show making a return but due to scheduling problems with the actors’ other projects; it never got off the ground. … until now.

BBC was interested in producing a Christmas special but wasn’t committed to an entire series; ITV wanted the whole kit and kaboodle and in the end will be commissioning an eight-part series for 2014.

Prior to this reunion, the three women appeared in a stage performance of Birds of a Feather in 2012.

Original writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran have written the new series with writing duo Gary Lawson and John Phelps adding their writing talent.

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By Brigid Brown