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David Brent breaks out his guitar in The Office. (BBC)

Ricky Gervais’s alter ego, office middle-manager David Brent, will be performing with his band Foregone Conclusion on October 14 and 23 at London’s Bloomsbury Theater. And how do we know this … the fictional character announced it on Twitter of course:

While David Brent and the band itself are fictional, we are expecting an actual, real, live event. The tickets go on sale Tuesday, October 1 at 10am here for £15.

Brent is not only a performer but teaches guitar in this YouTube web series:

The Bloomsbury audience will hear songs, performed live for the first time, including “Free Love Freeway”, “Spaceman Came Down”, “Slough”, “Life on The Road” and “Ain’t No Trouble”.

The shows have been described as “warm-up” shows but it’s not clear what Brent is warming up for, more gigs at similar venues or something bigger as Gervais has actually been courted by Wembley Arena to perform as Brent.

Gervais told The Guardian, “Having Wembley on the phone to talk about live gigs is far beyond what Brent could ever have imagined.”

“That’s right, I’m wearing eye makeup. I’m going to play Wembley one day.” (ONTD)

What would young Ricky Gervais, aspiring pop star, think of all this?

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By Brigid Brown