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This isn’t scary at all … really … not going to have nightmares tonight. (Facebook)

A man dressed up like a clown, appeared in Northampton, England, at the end of last week on Friday the 13th, offering to help out with DIY projects like painting a resident’s windowsills, reports The Independent. Since then he’s been popping up in the evening and even on Facebook.

While some people might think, “Oh, you don’t see that every day,” others are totally freaked out by his presence. Well, actually, more so freaked out by his eerie resemblance to Stephen King’s sewer-dwelling creature, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who appeared in the 1990 mini-series It. Pennywise was played by British actor Tim Curry.

The anonymous clown has set up a Facebook page, called Spot Northampton’s Clown, that gives updates and reassurement that he’s not armed and dangerous.

Hmm, if you have to tell people, “Don’t be scared of me,” you might be setting off some red flags.

The clown posted the below photo with the Facebook update saying, “Who Spotted me on St Michaels Road earlier :)”:

"Who wants to play with meeee?" (Facebook)
“Who wants to play with meeee?” (Facebook)

The update and photo received 781 “Likes”; 167 shares, 320 comments.

His Facebook page, which has a photo of Pennywise as his cover photo, has 33,268 “Likes” at the moment. The thing is, in this scenario, we’re guessing most of those people don’t actually like the page but have logged on to keep an eye on what he’s up to.

People have been writing in the comment sections with mixed responses. Some people are absolutely terrified of clowns, not the person himself, and others are having a giggle. Here are a handful of responses:

“Stop, I got a phobia of clowns.”

“Maybe the police could recruit you to patrol at night.”

“I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland. … I read about you and now I’m hooked.”

“Thanks for bringing us some entertainment here in Northampton.”

He was seen one evening with a bunch of balloons. One commenter suggested that he begin leaving a red balloon where he makes a stop, to add to the mystery. Others, who are not keen on his roaming the streets, have had enough and suggest he removes the make up and clown suit and give it a rest.

The people who are amused by his presence seem to be safely behind their computers and not necessarily walking down the streets of Northampton.

Are you a fan of clowns?

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By Brigid Brown