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Tom Hiddleston sang for the D23 audience, Disney’s Official Fan Club. (YouTube)

Self-proclaimed Disney fan Tom Hiddleston (Avengers) broke out into a rendition of The Jungle Book’s song “Bare Necessities” while in Anaheim, CA at Disney’s D23 convention, promoting the animated film The Pirate Fairy.

Hiddleston voices a young Captain Hook in the forthcoming film. He described the character as, “Cabin Boy James is educated and polite and energetic and charming and attentive … it’s all an act. He’s covering for his ruthless and cunning nature.”

Hiddleston was chatting up the audience and happened to mention that he sang Mowgli’s jungle song as part of an audition a while back and the audience was keen to hear him sing it right then and there. Be careful what you say in a room of Disney fans. Hiddelston was coerced into singing the song.

You can check out the performance here:

This wasn’t Hiddleston’s first time singing in front of a live audience. Here he is performing in a musical adaptation of Shakespeare‘s Cymbeline:

The Pirate Fairy is due to hit U.S. theaters during Spring, 2014.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

What did you think of Tom Hiddleston’s singing?

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By Brigid Brown