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Peter Capaldi with his Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. (Yahoo)

Back in 1995, Peter Capaldi, whom we now all know to be the Twelfth Doctor, won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film for his work writing and directing Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life. The short film, which was made for BBC Scotland, tells the tale of a frustrated Franz Kafka, who is attempting to write the first line of his grand novella The Metamorphosis, but keeps getting interrupted by the most ridiculous of events, which are suggested to be fabrications of his own imagination. In the midst of the preposterous going-ons, Kafta finds an insect which provides him inspiration, and he is able to begin his story. That is not the end of his problems, however. But he eventually resolves his misery and finds happiness in the Christmas snowfall.

The short has a few other Whovian connections: Kafka is played by Richard E. Grant, who also played Doctor Simeon/The Great Intelligence in the latest series of Doctor Who. One might remember there was quite a bit of snow in his appearance as well. Another string in the web is Crispin Letts, who plays Gregor Samsa in the film, the main character of Kafka’s tale. Crispin’s father, Barry Letts, was the producer of Doctor Who from 1969 to 1974.

Richard E. Grant as Franz Kafka (left) and Doctor Simeon (right).

You can watch the short film below:

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By Erin Janosik