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Mind the Gap holds weekly Twitter chats about topics important to Brits living in the U.S. And we now have a new time, Wednesdays at 2 to 3 pm ET. Join us on Twitter @MindtheGap_BBCA using the hashtag #MindTheChat. You can submit your questions and thoughts before chat time, but just remember to include the hashtag!

Our chats are co-hosted by our sponsor @Virgin_Atlantic, the expat organization @BritsinLA, the New York City expat organization @GEORGE, and talent manager Louisa Spring @GetMe2Hollywood, in addition to an assortment of special guests and regulars.

America might look like a bizarre fun-house mirror to Brits living here, but many initially reluctant expats become enamored with this wild, diverse, infuriating, and ultimately enthralling country. For our September 4 chat, host Ruth Margolis will be chatting about the things Brits enjoy most about America. (Check out her post on it.)

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.