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Jenna Coleman at the "Lulu Guinness Paint Project" in London on July 11. (Photo: Press Association via AP Images)
Jenna Coleman at the "Lulu Guinness Paint Project" in London on July 11. (Photo: Press Association via AP Images)
Jenna Coleman at the “Lulu Guinness Paint Project” in London on July 11. (Photo: Press Association via AP Images)

Amid all the excitement about Peter Capaldi being cast as the Twelfth Doctor, we wouldn’t want to overlook that there’s a huge event happening in a little over three months. The 50th anniversary of this show called Doctor Who? You might have heard of it.

Jenna Coleman (Clara) has been making the interview rounds, talking about the buzz around the set while filming the upcoming 50th anniversary special, which brings back David Tennant and Billie Piper. She told Zap2It: “Because it’s 3D, the way of shooting is totally different. The cameras are a lot bigger. It takes a lot more time with set ups, and actually filming the show. Also, just having so many people on set. It’s such an ensemble cast, with the three Doctors, with Billie Piper, myself, lots of different characters.

“It was a really nice feeling because every day felt like a celebration. You knew you were part of something special, and part of the history of the show. It will be lovely to look back in a few years and be like, ‘Cool, I was part of that whole thing!'”

Jenna also spoke of meeting Billie, who played companion Rose during the first two series of post-rebirth Who: “This was the first time I had met her. I heard a lot about her. Matt’s really good friends with Billie, so I felt like I met her before.”

Did they compare any notes about their TARDIS travels? Not really, Jenna says. “It’s funny, the stuff you talk about is more like the logistics of like, ‘Oh yeah, I used to eat at this place.’ ‘Well, actually did you know about this place?’ ‘Oh, I stayed in this place.’ We shared notes on that kind of thing, and then we just really got on. She’s great to have around. She’s got such a good energy on set as well. We all had special chairs made for us for the 50th. In between takes and stuff like that, we’d sit around and it was just like a big family.”

• Mark those calendars: Torchwood: Miracle Day is set to make its BBC AMERICA premiere on September 14.

• MTV Geek has five questions about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

• What Culture points out 10 Peter Capaldi roles that prove he’s the perfect choice for the Doctor.

• There’s a huge Peter Capaldi/Neil Gaiman connection, of course: Capaldi starred in Gaiman’s 1996 miniseries Neverwhere. Watch a clip.

Tom Gluck, contributing to DoctorWho.TV, explains why Capaldi’s previous appearances on Doctor Who and Torchwood: Children of Earth shouldn’t matter to fans, in his opinion.

• Oh, and Capaldi’s previous Doctor Who episode, “The Fires of Pompeii,” is free on iTunes until August 27.

• Last Sunday’s Doctor Who Live reveal was, for BBC AMERICA, “the best telecast ever outside of primetime among the 25-54 demographic — sitting only behind The Royal Wedding as the best non-prime telecast ever on the channel,” per The Hollywood Reporter. It was also the most-tweeted-about non-sports program of the day.

• Back in the U.K., meanwhile, Doctor Who Magazine tweeted that the live special’s consolidated ratings of 6.37 million viewers made it “the most watched TV show of the 3-4 August weekend across all channels”.

• Music publishers Silva Screen have announced the release date and tracklisting of the Doctor Who Series 7 Soundtrack. The two-CD set, featuring no fewer than seventy-four tracks of Murray Gold’s score, will hit stores on September 9. The first 5,000 copies of the album will be sold in a special gatefold package, while those who prefer to buy digitally from the iTunes store will get two bonus tracks.

• NPR’s Celeste Headlee suggests that the Doctor is an appropriate hero for the new millennium. “[I]f the Doctor is the chosen champion of the millennial generation, then I think it’s an interesting choice. The Doctor is at least a thousand years old. He’s mostly a pacifist. In all of his incarnations — and there are now 12 different actors who have been named to the role — he is not renowned for his brute strength or imposing physique. The Doctor solves problems through reason, intellect and compassion, not rocket launchers and machine guns.” (Cue Craig Ferguson‘s legendary cold open.)

Steven Moffat, improv comic?

• If you’re a fan of Doctor Who infographics, here’s your utopia.

• And this is marvelous: all of the eleven Doctors’ adventures represented on a London tube map, with each Time Lord’s journey shown as a tube line and characters and aliens as stations. To view in all of its interactive glory, visit creator Crispian Jago’s website. Found via io9.


• As part of YouTube’s Geek Week, the Nerdist presents “Anime Doctor Who” in celebration of the show’s 50th anniversary:

• David Tennant and Matt Smith both made the quarterfinals of our Anglo Fan Favorites tournaments. Cast your votes for your choices.

• London 24 offers five ways to have a Whovian experience in Britain’s capital.

• Exterminate body odor with Doctor Who soap? A fan created these, which seem too nice to lather up with:


• And here’s a way of keeping track of the minutes as you travel through space and time, via The Sourceress on Twitter:

What time is it where you are? (via @TheSourceress)
What time is it where you are? (via @TheSourceress)
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