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You don’t want to get on Helen Mirren’s bad side in Red. (Summit)

Dame Helen Mirren (The Queen) reprises her role as a retired, extremely dangerous (RED) agent in Red 2, the sequel to Red. It is a bit of fun to check out Mirren kicking bum and taking names in this action-comedy flick starring opposite Bruce Willis (Die Hard), John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich) and Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds), Byung Hun Lee (G.I. Joe) and fellow Brits Anthony Hopkins (Hitchcock), David Thewlis (Harry Potter) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago). Mirren is keen on playing a baddie, telling the National Post, “I love being a badass. It’s just the best. To lurch from being a queen to a badass is really cool.”

Mirren recently talked to about being a part of an ensemble cast:

The movie hits U.S. theaters on July 19.

You have one day to see Red before the sequel is out!

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By Brigid Brown