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Auckland's Sky Tower at night. (Photo: AP/Alastair Grant)
Auckland's Sky Tower at night. (Photo: AP/Alastair Grant)
Auckland’s Sky Tower at night. (Photo: AP/Alastair Grant)

Twenty New Zealand landmarks will be illuminated in honor of the royal child and British heir after Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge gives birth. The sky will glow pink or blue, depending on the sex of the child, discusses E! Online. Many well-known memorials, monuments, and buildings such as Auckland’s Sky Tower and Hamilton’s Victoria Bridge will participate in the event. The display will take place the day after the royal child is born, at dusk.

  • Prince Charles visited Wales recently, sharing tea and cakes with a group of ladies who first gathered in 1969 to celebrate the Prince’s investiture. Wales Online reports that Prince Charles is looking forward to bonding with his grandchild, spending time spoiling the baby, and encouraging him or her.
  • Prince Andrew has joined Twitter, and is the first member of the royal family to have an individual account. The BBC mentions that the Prince was “…the first member of the British Royal Family to tweet on the British Monarchy (account)…” Perhaps we can hope for a scoop of news of the royal birth through the Prince, who will be the child’s grand-uncle.
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By Erin Janosik