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Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are expecting a child some time in the new year.
Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are expecting a child some time in the new year.
Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall at a traditional Christmas Day church service in Norfolk. The couple are expecting a child some time in the new year. (Photo via AP)

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge await the imminent birth of their child and heir to the British throne, it was announced recently that Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are expecting their first child as well. As the Radio Times notes, “Zara is the second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and is an equestrian Olympic silver medalist, while Tindall is famous for his time in the English rugby team.”

  • The royal family seems to be absolutely brimming with children at the moment. Time has made a list of many of the small children in the royal family, as well as the children of friends of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. It seems that the royal baby will have no shortage of friends and playmates.
  • The Australian takes a look at the family tree of the royal baby, which includes some well known figures such as the Princes Dracula, Winston Churchill, Marie de Medici, and Ellen DeGeneres as relations.
  • The royal child will take the title of His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge, confirms Buckingham Palace. Apparently, Cambridge has had Dukes and Duchesses before, but the royal child will be the city’s first Prince or Princess.
  • The Royal Mint has stated that they will issue a lucky silver penny to all children born on the same day as the heir to the British throne. The coin features a shield of the royal arms as well as the year, and will come in a blue or pink pouch.
  • While the royal child will be third in line regardless of sex, some legal entanglements have not yet prevented a younger brother from being able to overtake an older sister in succession to the throne if the royal child proves to be a female heir.  Fox reports that challenges to the law change have erupted in Quebec, Canada and Queensland, Australia. All nations involved in the British Commonwealth must alter their constitutions to reflect the adjustment in order for the change to take place.

  • Above, Marie Claire takes a look back at television coverage from when Prince William was born in 1982, which mentions that the name “William” was then the odds on favorite. Betting on the name of the expected royal child also continues, with a number of family names in contention for the favorite.
  • The BBC assesses the history of the royal nursery in their article “Royal Baby: Revolution in the Nursery,” evaluating how royal children have been raised in the past and how the Duke and Duchess may choose to raise their child in the coming years.
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By Erin Janosik