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Damian Lewis and Clare Danes in 'Homeland'
Damian Lewis and Clare Danes in 'Homeland'
Damian Lewis and Clare Danes in ‘Homeland’

Normally we’d be cock-a-hoop with a brand new (as of yesterday) trailer for the new season of a hit TV show starring Damian Lewis. Actually, anything starring Damian Lewis would do. Normally, the very appearance of such a thing would create a frenzied stabbing of the play button on the video embed below, and a fierce twist of the volume knob / jamming in of earbuds.

However, this is a more subtle, esoteric affair than your average boom and snippet job. A true teaser, in that it seems to be promising things, but doesn’t really deliver, particular in the visual department. So, you can hear voices, a Brody here, maybe, a Saul there, but there’s nothing but static and darkness, and it’s all admirably tense.

And according to a reputable source (trans: someone on YouTube), that voice you hear at the end is saying, in Arabic “I am a muslim lost in this world. Help me come clean again”

Whatever can it all mean? We’ll find out on September 29, possibly.

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By Fraser McAlpine