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Please tell us the royal couple would use something like this! (

The royal baby is going to be here any day now … the world is on baby watch, including us. We’ve already done a post on 10 Extremely British Baby Names for Girls. Now, it’s the boys’ turn. We’re guessing the royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, already have a name in mind. But, why not throw out some extremely British baby boy names for a bit of fun:

1. Alastair
Meaning: Defending men. (Gaelic)
This is the English spelling of the Scottish Alasdair, the Gaelic form of Alexander. It’s always nice for a parent when you learn your child is someone who stands up for the other kids, especially the underdogs. You don’t want a bully on your hands.

2. Fergus
Meaning: Man of strength. (Gaelic)
Fergus is a name that has ties to both Scotland and Ireland and makes a perfect name for parents who may have a combined heritage. Fergus is a quirky but respected name.

3. Crispin
Meaning: Curly-headed. (Latin)
St. Crispin, the patron saint of shoemakers, was referenced in Shakespeare’s Henry V. While your wee one would be named after a saint, he may grow to have an affinity for crisps … we’re giving you fair warning.

4. Duncan
Meaning: Dark warrior. (Scottish)
Ooh, any Game of Thrones fan will be keen on this name. With a Scottish royal name like Duncan, a lad may be confident and open and brimming with friendly charm.

5. Ellis
Meaning: Benevolent (Welsh)
The name is the Welsh form of Elijah, which originates from the Greek Elias.
Ellis Bell was the male pseudonym of Emily Brontë when she wrote Wuthering Heights. Possibly she took that name with the meaning in mind, since she wasn’t taking the credit for her novel. A chap with this name may end up putting others before himself.

6. Piers
Meaning: Stone. (Greek)
It’s not too surprising to hear the name Piers has such a stoic description. British TV personality Piers Morgan definitely stands his ground. Piers was the first version of Peter to reach the English-speaking world, via the Normans.

7. Conall
Meaning: Strong Wolf (Gaelic)
Conall is in the same family of Connor but with a bit of a twist. Conall could also mean friendship, which makes sense, because wolves travel in packs. With a name like this, your lil’ one will be surrounded by friends.

8. Kenzie
Meaning: The fair one. (Scottish)
While “fair” in this meaning actually means light skin it is also understood that people with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership. In other words, make sure things are “fair” for everyone.

9. Euan
Meaning: Born from the yew tree; youth. (Gaelic)
This gives a unique twist to the traditional spelling of Ewan. But, you know your child will blame you for having to spell his name three times when asked for it. This is the anglicized form of Eoghann. Harry Potter‘s Euan Abercrombie sports the “u” spelling.

10. Lachlan
Meaning: Warrior from the land of Lochs. (Gaelic)
With this name, your baby may as well come out of the birth canal wearing a kilt. It’s as Scottish as haggis. A suitable nickname could be Lachie.

Which name stands out to you as particularly British? 

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By Brigid Brown