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Keep Clear, Unexploded Bomb

Remember the other day we were talking about the expression normal for Norfolk, as it’s one of those rural areas that carries a legend of strange events and bizarre happenstance? Well this news story plays right into that stereotype.

Allow me to introduce Carole Longhorn, from Norfolk. She’s a keen gardener, was digging at her home in Melton Constable when her spade clanged off a metallic object in the ground.

Being a curious sort, Carole dug around the object, and eventually pulled out a  metal cylinder about 10 inches long, with a tapered end, which looked a lot like a bomb.

So, she called for her husband Clive to come and take a look, but he was indoors and didn’t fancy a trip out to the garden.

It’s at this point that things started to get a bit NFN. As Clive explains, Carole’s next move was to bring the object indoors and attempt to get the muck off: “I heard a rattle in the kitchen and saw she was washing it in the blooming sink! You can imagine what I said to her.”

Of course, this outburst just panicked Carole, so she took the bomb outside and put it in the garden, being careful to put a plastic garden chair over the top, presumably to try and protect the house from the blast.

Thankfully, the couple then rang the police, who suggested they leave the house until the object had been removed. Then a bomb disposal squad arrived, who confirmed that it definitely was a real bomb, most likely left over from World War II, and took it to a nearby quarry to be detonated.

Clive told BBC News: “They said it was live and that we were very lucky.”

This comes only a month after two men in Dorset were seen carrying a pair of unexploded tank shells that had washed up on the shore. Again, wiser heads prevailed and no one was hurt.

As for the explosion, Clive said “It was brilliant! The ground shook – you could feel the shockwaves come across and bump into you. The bloke said to me: ‘Tell the wife if she finds any more, put them in a nice neat heap and we’ll deal with them all at once’.”

What, even the dirty ones?

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By Fraser McAlpine