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Man of Steel
‘Man of Steel’

There’s definitely a black art to promoting new movies on the internet. Some films seem to only require one or two trailers – depicting perhaps a couple of key moments, perhaps a heartbreaking breakdown or anguished cry, or maybe a pratfall or devastating put-down – whereas others show off every explosion and face-pie, as if they’re basically saying, “Hey! You wanna see this, only BIGGER? Come see our movie!”

In short, if promoting a movie is akin to the art of seduction, some movies flirt with their eyes, while others wiggle their hips, turn around and bend over. And that’s just the guy movies.

So, what are we to make of this thirteen-minute featurette concerning Man of Steel? It’s every bit the sort of thing you’d normally expect to see in a DVD Extra. A little look behind the scenes, some talking heads among the cast and crew describing how the movie works and who everyone is, and what the philosophy behind the film might be.

We’re only a month or two past the point at which Star Trek Into Darkness strafed the web with clustergrenades of trailers; trailers that exploded into shrapnel trailers, that then became trailer seeds, growing great big trailer oaks, that dropped trailer acorns, and so on. For some movies, there’s no such thing as too much information, even before the box office opens.

And yet, somehow Man Of Steel does not appear to be that kind of movie. Despite the stellar cast, the intriguing prospect of seeing Amy Adams play Lois Lane, Henry Cavill doing the serious beefcake with beard thing, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, the more there is to see of Man of Steel, the less drive there is to, y’know, see it.

So, watch this trailer at your own risk, Superman fans. It could be a thrilling jolt of Kryptonian adrenaline to your movie-going plans, or a great big blob of kryptonite.

Man of Steel is released on June 13.

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By Fraser McAlpine