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Oliver tweeted a picture saying "Everything will look the same." (Twitter)
Oliver tweeted a picture saying, “The Daily Show is going to look exactly the same.” (Twitter)

Daily Show host Jon Stewart is officially off on a working holiday (directing a film) and John Oliver has temporarily taken over hosting duties. Last night (June 10) was his first time with full control of the show. He didn’t let the power go to his head and in true British-style said, “I am John Oliver and let’s acknowledge for a moment that this is weird. This looks weird. It feels weird. It even sounds weird.”

Oliver, 36, wasn’t the only who found it weird that he was sitting in Stewart’s seat. Other Daily Show correspondents were expected to report back on the recent NSA leaks but instead talked about the scandalous decision of Oliver taking over the show. Of course, it was all in jest and everyone is welcoming to Oliver … we think. You can check out the clip, below:

Apparently Stewart left Oliver a supportive note saying, “Don’t worry. You’ll be great. … besides, no big news stories break out over the summer.” Ho-hum, famous last words. The show abruptly cuts from Oliver’s monologue to a CNN news clip announcing, “U.S. officials acknowledge that intelligence agencies have been secretly collecting millions of Americans phone records on a daily basis.” Oliver tore up the note exclaiming, “Are you f**king kidding me!! John’s been gone one day. ONE day!!” John went off on his merry way leaving Oliver to tackle breaking news revolving around CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Oliver claimed to have a “fun, gentle” show planned peppered with “I’m British jokes” and talk about the difference between a soccer ball and a football. He just wanted a bit of summer fun. Well, plans change. Oliver had to save his tea time for another show and instead put together a new segment, “Good News! You’re Not Paranoid” which was sponsored by “tinfoil.” You can watch the breaking-news clip, with Oliver wearing a tinfoil headpiece, here:

You can watch the entire episode at Comedy Central, including an interview with actor/comedian Seth Rogen about his new film This Is the End, here.

We checked responses’s to Oliver’s first night over at TV Tattle, a weblog of TV news and criticism, and Esther Zuckerman, of The Atlantic, wrote, “John Oliver’s Daily Show debut couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. His British sense of humor will be great for tackling the recent NSA disclosures, especially the ones coming over the weekend.”

Do you think John Oliver being British will give the show a new perspective? 

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By Brigid Brown