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Russell Brand on MSNBC's Morning Joe, yesterday
Russell Brand on MSNBC's Morning Joe, yesterday
Russell Brand on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, yesterday

Oh man alive.

When Russell Brand is ON, he is really ON, right? And if you put him in the middle of the three-ring circus of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and expect him to sit quietly while Mika Brzezinski, Katty Kay and Brian Shactman chunter away over the top of one another is perhaps not the best approach. The man has an ego, after all, and a gob the size of the channel tunnel.

So, what’s a poor show-off to do, except take over the entire station, reduce everyone concerned to trembling jellies and essentially let off a charisma bomb, right in the middle of your average, safe, friendly, unthreatening daytime TV news roundup.

It’s truly a joy to behold:

Note for American TV hosts: surely there are enough British accents on American TV and in the movies now – from all over the UK – for you to drop the “I simply can’t understand a word he says” bit?

It doesn’t make you look like the average man on the street, it makes you look like you are trumpeting your ignorance as if it is a virtue, which is insulting, not only to your guest and audience, but also to the average man on the street (hi Bob!). 

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By Fraser McAlpine