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(Funny or Die)
(Funny or Die)
Another parody strikes again! (Funny or Die)

Here at Anglophenia, it’s our goal not to let a single Downton Abbey parody video go unposted.

With that mission in mind, here’s the latest (NSFW), in which a group of sumptuously costumed drag queens spoof the hit TV series by singing (and dancing) to “Snore (Downton Abbey),” a redo of Madonna’s “Vogue” with new lyrics.

Dressed as various residents of Downton Abbey, the parody’s players strike a bored attitude, complaining relentlessly about the show.  “Don’t expect action or a faster paced plot, the BBC takes it slow,” goes one lyric (wrong! the show is produced by and airs on ITV in England and on PBS here in the U.S.).

“It’s the best damned series, if you got no s— to do,” goes another lyric, soon followed by the chorus, “Keep awake and you can get through it.”

The video, originally posted on the Funny or Die comedy site, was written and produced by Jimmy Ray Bennett and Stephen Guarino. The pair are comic actors who’ve appeared with such improv troupes as L.A.’s The Groundlings and in the off-Broadway improvised musical, The Nuclear Family.

Take a look:

Did you find “Snore (Downton Abbey)” amusing?

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By Leah Rozen