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“It’s so hard being a mistress, why can’t I get any respect.” <–cheeky sarcasm. (BBC)

With BBC’s Mistresses making its way to ABC on Monday, June 3, it made us think people may want to catch up on the original show. As well, take a peek at other British shows — that have been remade in the U.S.— currently available online:

1. Mistresses
Four friends find themselves tangled up in risqué relationships.

Watch Mistresses on Netflix. 

2. Shameless
A deadbeat dad and his seven children manage as best as they can.

Watch Shameless on Netflix. 

3. The Office
A ragtag bunch, led by a useless but genuine boss (Ricky Gervais), try to get work done in between shenanigans.

Watch The Office on Netflix. 

4. Queer as Folk
Three friends enjoy the night life in Manchester’s gay bar scene.

Watch Queer as Folk on Hulu. 

5. Life on Mars
DCI Sam Tyler (John Simm) finds himself in 1973 after a traffic accident in 2006.

Watch Life on Mars on Netflix.  

Have any of your favorite shows been Americanized?

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By Brigid Brown