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Mystery #1: What product is he putting in that mop? (BBC)

Jonathan Creek returns after its first appearance 16 years ago.

What’s on: Jonathan Creek Special
What is it: Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) consults for a magician and in his free time acts as an amateur sleuth, using his talent for deductive reasoning to solve seemingly supernatural mysteries. The crimes seem absurd at first but then make complete sense when the viewer learns what happens through Davies’ deduction. In the one-off special, a wife finds her husband dead but by the time the authorities arrive, the body has vanished.
Air-date: March 31, 2013 on BBC1; returning Fall 2013 (Season 1-4 is available on NetFlix/
Who’s watching: 8.75 million Brits
Why so popular: The Guardian describes the show as, “There is nothing quite like it: a detective story without a detective; more a howdunnit than a whodunnit.”
American counterpart: USA Network’s Psych where the crime solver, who isn’t a detective either, uses his heightened observational skills. 

Admittedly, this trailer is a little dated (2010) but it gives you a feel of what to expect in this detective-comedy-drama. We figured it would be interesting, especially if you plan to backtrack and watch the series from the beginning via DVD or Netflix. Okay, back to the trailer itself … the criminal phenomenons are a bit creepy but not too alarming with Davies’ dry delivery. Take a peek at the trailer below:

Let’s fast forward a bit and take a look at two clips from the latest special.

In the first clip, Jonathan gets a phone call from Absolutely Fabulous‘s Joanna Lumley herself. It ain’t Patsy calling but Rosalind, whose husband recently passed away but the body has gone missing, and she’s understandably distraught. To see what happens, you can watch the clip, here. Warning: Turn your volume down before pressing play; the ringer on the phone in the clip is painstakingly loud.

In the second clip, Creek’s unofficial partner Joey (Sheridan Smith) has a lead on a guy named “Brad” who might know something about the missing body. Davies takes the piss as she’s missing some vital information like his surname, where  he’s from, his phone number or his address … she didn’t get “that far” as they were too busy shagging. Davies calls her out and her response is, “It was a very cold day.” This is the comedy part that we mentioned above. It’s a good giggle, you can watch the clip, here.

The show’s return even surprised the series creator David Renwick with him telling The Guardian, “We thought it was over when the BBC had issued this cellophane-wrapped definitive box set and then we upset it all with two more specials.”

Nope. It’s back!

Alan Davies sent out a tweet back in September, resulting in 589 retweets. Fans were ready for the return of Jonathan Creek:

This Twitter fan had a full-out marathon:

Are you going to check it out? 

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By Brigid Brown