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Stephen Fry

For reasons that escape immediate understanding, a poll has been conducted to discover which person the Brits would most like to have a cup of tea with. It’s been conducted by the charity The Sick Children’s Trust – in conjunction with Women’s Own magazine – as part of their Big Chocolate Tea Party  campaign to raise funds for accommodation for the families of children who are in long-term hospital care.

And the winner of this most coveted award, the person with whom most British people polled would like to take tea at Buckingham Palace – the favorite location – is Stephen Fry. He beat the TV presenter Lorraine Kelly (second place) and HM the Queen (third) to secure the coveted golden doily*, and a glowing endorsement of his pouring skills.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge came in fourth place, which is quite an achievement, given the heritage of public affection behind the top three choices. There again the No.5 spot is taken by the Australian (GASP!) pop star Peter Andre, so maybe this thing isn’t rocket surgery after all.

In triumphant response to his glowing achievement, Stephen had this to say:

“I am overcome and honoured beyond imagining to have been chosen as the UK’s favourite celebrity to have a cup of tea with and I can’t quite believe that I have come ahead of Lorraine Kelly (a respectable 2nd) and the Queen (an honourable 3rd). I shall celebrate this delightful news with a cup of, gee darling, Darjeeling (tea).”

*Note: there is no golden doily. There should be one.

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By Fraser McAlpine