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The painting was begun in 2011 and worked around Smith’s schedule. (

When Dame Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey) was invited to sit for a portrait commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery her first words to painter James Lloyd were, “Poor you,” reports

While this is a huge honor she did a nice job of holding back her enthusiasm. She seems to be pleased with the finished work saying she is “very happy” with the results. Well, Lloyd relayed her message. But, we trust him.

Lloyd stated that he wanted to capture the Dame in “everyday mode” and encompass her “understated grandeur.”

The six-foot-three painting was created over numerous sittings in the artist’s studio and was revealed last week in London.

A look at the full length portrait. found the likeness to be “perfect” saying she looks “as all-knowingly annoyed as the real Dame so often and entertainingly does.” They went a step further adding her image to already famous paintings.

Here’s one of their creations with her hanging out in George Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte:

Dame Maggie enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

If you’d like to see more of’s painting mash-ups, go here.

Is this a meme in the making? 

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By Brigid Brown