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This weekend – Saturday at 8/7c on BBCAMERICA – we get to have a proper rummage around in the bowels of the TARDIS, in the Doctor Who adventure that is helpfully titled Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS.

Which has, of course, prompted a whole series of discussions debating the relative worth of previous trips in and around this most mysterious of blue boxes. The Doctor’s TARDIS has been a subject of fascination and debate ever since the chameleon circuit first got stuck, when hiding as a police box in 1963, and the Doctor’s granddaughter’s teachers stumbled into a whole new world. It remains as iconic and enigmatic now as it did then, from the little lamp on top to the hexagonal console inside.

So, here’s a tiny selection of the overwhelming array of amazing TARDIS moments from the last 50 years. If yours isn’t listed, be a good fellow/poppet and stick it in the comments below, mm?

Let’s start with the classics:

1: The Outside/Inside Juxtaposition Revelation

2: The Outside/Inside Juxtaposition Exposition

3: My Spaceship Is Better Than Your Spaceship

4: You Can’t Hotwire A TARDIS

5: There’s A Dressing-Up Room Inside

6: And A Zero Room, For Contemplation And Recovery

7: And A Swimming Pool!

8: It’s Meant To Be Driven By Six People

9: It Is Not A Snogbox!

10: The TARDIS Is, And Always Will Be, Sexy

What’s your favorite TARDIS moment? Tell us here:

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By Fraser McAlpine