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The Doctor and Clara
The Doctor and Clara

I’m not entirely sure how much higher fan expectations of the rest of this year can be ramped without necessitating the building of, y’know, a really big ramp. We’re already gagging to find out what happens with Clara Oswin Oswald, we’re already double-gagging to see the rest of Season Seven, the 50th anniversary special and Mark Gatiss‘s An Adventure In Space and Time, and now, to increase that gagment by a factor of huge squared, comes news of a three-day event in London, this November.

Details are still strictly under wraps. All we can tell you is this:

There’s going to be a three-day long celebration of all things Doctor Who at London’s ExCel convention center, over the weekend of the 50th anniversary.

It starts on Friday 22nd of November, and finishes on Sunday 24, bringing Whovians together for what is promised to be “the ultimate Doctor Who anniversary celebration.”

And what’s another expression that means “anniversary celebration”? Oh yes. It’s going to be a VERY happy birthday indeed.

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

Jenna-Louise Coleman told SFX magazine how she and Matt Smith worked out the best way to deliver their whipsmart lines:

“When I started on Doctor Who Matt said to me ‘Watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films!’ We were talking about our dynamic and trying to figure it out, realising we were a double act.

“It’s trying to find each other’s rhythm. So watching things like Spencer Tracy films really feed into that.

“Matt always said it’s about physically finding our rhythm. In a way the whole thing is like a dance, and the moment we started dancing together and finding that rhythm is when it worked.” (via the Mirror)

Doctor Who 50th Birthday Collection

Doctor Who bookworms, Christmas has come at exactly the wrong time of year (which is curiously fitting). Random House are releasing 11 new Doctor Who adventures, in a themed package called The Doctor Who 50th Birthday Collection.

The books have been written by seasoned Who fans like Dan Abnett, Terrance Dicks, Gary Russell, Ben Aaronovitch and Mark Gatiss, and naturally there’s an adventure for each Doctor.

The Home Media Magazine Awards are upon us, and Doctor Who DVDs are up for awards; not just for the show as a whole (in the best TV category) but also Season Seven Part 1 (best international TV), the reconstructed Tomb of the Cybermen (best older TV show on disc, best extras/bonus materials), and the limited edition Doctor Who Gift Set (best complete TV series set).

Now, these awards are decided by public vote. So, y’know…VOTE!

• Speaking of reconstructed adventures, the First Doctor’s final outing, The Tenth Planet, is to be given a cartoon boost in order to finish it off. Episode Four is lost, apart from a fragment showing the Doctor’s first regeneration. Here’s a brief snippet of how that section will look in the finished article:

• Fancy yourself as a veritable TARDIS-full of Doctor Who trivia? The LA Times has put together a quiz which will test this to the limits of human endurance. Play, if you dare…

Sarah Winter, who we’ll see in November playing Doctor Who‘s theme tune arranger Delia Derbyshire in An Adventure In Space And Time, joins the cast of The Selection, a pilot show for The CW set 300 years into the future. Anthony Head will also star. (More info at The Hollywood Reporter)

• Yesterday would have been the 61st birthday of Douglas Adams. The writer of the Hitchhhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series was also a script editor on Doctor Who during the Fourth Doctor’s tenure, writing the adventures City of Death and The Pirate Planet (and Shada, the filming of which was interrupted by industrial action and never shown).

To celebrate his life, yesterday’s Google Doodle was an interactive cartoon rendering of the spaceship Heart of Gold, from Hitch Hikers, complete with a hidden Marvin the Paranoid Android. Here’s a screengrab:

Douglas Adams Google doodle

• Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was also Alex Kingston’s birthday. And John Barrowman’s. March 11th is clearly a very sexy day for Whovians.

• And another birthday thing, sort of. Did you know Amelia was the most popular baby name for girls in the UK last year? We’re calling it The Pond Effect.

What Culture have put together an intriguing alternate reality, in which there are five new spin-off series from Doctor Who.

• AND they’ve been exploring the real science behind the Gallifreyan science on the show. They have isolated five scientific concepts that are theoretically possible, and five that are most definitely not.

• The Radio Times has been nominated for the Professional Publishers Association’s cover of the century award, after creating this spectacular image in 2005 (more info here):

Radio Times - Vote Dalek

• The BBC quiz show Pointless has filmed a Doctor Who reunion special, set to air on BBC1 on March 23, in which all of the contestants are former cast members like Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Louise Jameson (Leela), Bernard Cribbins (Wilf) and Nicola Bryant (Peri). Radio Times has a lovely picture of them all.

• This is nice, a kinetic type video of the bit in Blink where all of the Doctor’s DVD Easter Eggs are finally put into one place:

• There’s a TARDIS-shaped soda dispenser in a comic book store in Orlando, Florida.

• And finally, to end things on another literary note, here’s a clip from It’s Marcus Sedgewick, author, discussing The Spear of Destiny, his contribution to the ongoing 11-month, 11-doctor e-book series. It’s time for the Third Doctor, and he’ll be traveling back to Viking times with Jo Grant, where he will come across an old foe:


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