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The Doctor and Clara
The Doctor and Clara
The Doctor and Clara

The timing really couldn’t be better: ahead of the March 30 premiere of Season 7, Part 2, BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who has been awarded one of the highest honors in television and other electronic media, the Peabody Award. The series received a special Institutional Peabody this morning when winners were revealed. On their website, the Peabody committee wrote, “Seemingly immortal, 50-years-old and still running, this engaging, imaginative sci-fi/fantasy series is awarded an Institutional Peabody for evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe.”

Institutional Peabodys are handed out to long-running programs. Michael Apted‘s Up series, which has revisited a group of Brits at seven-year intervals in their lives, also received an Institutional Peabody award for “its creator’s patience and its subjects’ humanity.”

Major congrats to Doctor Who and all of the other winners.

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