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A young woman goes into labor on a packed commuter train. (Standard)

A 20-year-old woman, Sonia Banks, went into labor on a commuter train on Thursday, March 7, reports the Evening Standard. She was on the London Victoria to Maidstone East service.

We’ve seen this happen in the movies but to imagine this happening in real life. It really puts some punch behind the title of the new TV show Call the Midwife.

The young mother-to-be went into labor 5 minutes after boarding the underground train. Luckily, she was with her mother versus being on her own and her mum went into action. She was able to reach the Tube driver and ask him to halt the train and call for medics.

As if this was written for a movie, a midwife, a nurse and a police officer were on board.

Banks’ mother said, “The guard called the ambulance and was extremely helpful, and there was an off-duty nurse, off-duty midwife and an off-duty police officer on board the train, thank God.”

She went on to explain the delivery saying, “I believe it was the midwife that helped deliver her…” It’s such a mad time, it’s understandable to not have a 100 percent recollection of who, what, when, where happened in this situation.

She elaborated saying, “When we were taken off to go to the ambulance there were people on the platform who gave us a rapturous round of applause and cheered. Passengers were lining the platform. The driver was making announcements, keeping the passengers updated.”

Both the mother and her baby girl are safely resting in a proper maternity ward. The labor began at 7:15pm and the baby was born just 15 minutes later. A name has yet to be announced.

Do you have any suggestions for a name? 

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By Brigid Brown