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Mrs. Brown and her broad. (BBC1)
Mrs. Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) and her broad.

While Call the Midwife holds the number one slot in the BBC1 ratings, another show is surprising the critics with its immense popularity.

What’s on: Mrs. Brown’s Boys
What is it
: A man in drag beats out ITV’s Downton Abbey in U.K. ratings and was voted Best Sitcom in the 2013 National Television Awards.
Air-date: January 1, 2011 – Present on BBC1
Who’s watching: 9.2 million Brits
Why so popular: Mrs. Brown, an Irish matriarch, says it how it is and she doesn’t curb her cursing. She’s constantly sticking her oar in trying to fix problems but she seems to make things worse. Even so, her friends and children can’t stay mad at her for too long.
American counterpart: Tootsie meets Caroll O’Connor’s All in the Family with a bit of Carol Burnett sketch comedy thrown in there.

Here’s one of the less risque clips where Mammy tries to talk her son out of the cupboard. This isn’t a saying like, “talk him off the edge,” but he is actually in the pantry.

Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet let’s move on to a clip where Mammy’s dog has fallen ill and her children discuss how to tell her the bad news but Mrs. Brown overhears her grown kids and she thinks they are talking about her!

Alright, after hearing a few curse words here and there in the previous clips we think you’re ready for more of a saucy scene with Mammy talking about the good ol’ days and having sex on the beach (not the drink).

To be honest, the critics don’t love the show but writer and star Brendan O’Carroll defended the show by simply saying when collecting his Best Sitcom award, “You can only write the stuff you want to write… We do it for the audience. I don’t write something that will be really clever and somebody in such and such a newspaper or such and such a magazine will like.”

With that said, here is some viewer feedback …

Fan Tweets:



Not so much Tweets:



Ho-hum, you can’t make everyone happy. For the other nine million fans there are plans of making it into a movie with filming beginning in September 2013.

Is this your brand of humor? 

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By Brigid Brown