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Jude Law and Steven Soderbergh at the premiere of 'Side Effects.' (Photo: Sipa via AP Images)
Jude Law and Steven Soderbergh at the premiere of ‘Side Effects.’ (Photo: Sipa via AP Images)

Jude Law doesn’t know quite what to make of director Steven Soderbergh’s move away from filmmaking into other artistic pursuits.

After Side Effects, his new psychological thriller, Soderbergh doesn’t intend to make any more films for the big screen — at least for a while.

Jude Law, who stars in Side Effects alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum, says: “If this is his decision I respect it and understand it to a point. We talked about it to some degree. I still don’t completely feel I’ve got the absolute reason.”

One made-for-TV movie, the Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, directed by Soderbergh remains in the pipeline.

The director has stated that among the activities he intends to pursue is painting.

But many think the celebrated filmmaker will return to cinema at some point in the future.

Law says: “I have a belief that somewhere down the line he’ll come back.”

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By Tom Brook