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The Stig and Amy Macdonald (BBC America)
The Stig and Amy Macdonald (BBC America)

Amy Macdonald’s appearance as next week’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car represents an important milestone for the Scottish singer, who also happens to be a five-star petrolhead.  And even though we’ve known for months now that she was going to be on Top Gear at some point, the actual airing of her segment is so exciting to us because it’s obviously such a moment of personal happiness for her.

Macdonald likes driving and, despite the title of her most famous song, “Slow Down,” loves fast driving. (She’s explained that the song expresses her attitude about life – not about cars.) She also has lots of cars, and lots of expensive cars. She is, opined’s Nick Dalton, “the owner of every car we’ve power tested over the past five years.”

Macdonald has always wanted to be on Top Gear, but it never happened – until now.

“I love Top Gear. It’s my favorite show,” she said back in 2010. “I’ve asked them a few times but they think Cameron Diaz and Tom bloody Cruise are better than me.”

Macdonald’s appearance came about as a result of some fortuitous remarks she made during a Scottish radio interview last year about how she’d love to be on Top Gear.

“Jeremy sent a text straight back saying ‘Absolutely – I could go on the show’ so I think that’s it sorted now,” the singer said in July, according to Scotland’s Daily Record. “It looks like I’m in there, finally.”

• Also on next week’s show, which airs Monday, Feb. 18, 9p/8c, is a classic race from Wembley stadium in England to the San Siro stadium in Milan. Jeremy Clarkson will be driving a Shelby Mustang while James May and Richard Hammond take public transportation. Brian Klein, Top Gear’s studio director, promises “a cracker of a show this week” in an online preview:

• This is the last time we’re going to remind you (the next time Top Gear Thursday comes out, it will be too late). You have until next Tuesday, February 19th to get your “Rate My Ride” entry in. Submit a photo and a brief description of your best ride ever – it apparently doesn’t have to be a car, see the example below. But it does have to be in by February 19th. Last year, there were more than 500 entries. This year, we’ll pick ten of the wildest submissions, and then it’ll be your turn to rate them. The winner will get a Stig t-shirt and a ‘Top Gear” DVD package, as will the runner-up (but c’mon, no one’s aiming to be number two, except perhaps Avis).

Custom-built 2006 Sonex powered by VW (Sent in by Mike J)

• And we end this week’s column with a question. It’s actually a question from, which this week came across a video of a dog driving a buggy across a field. was so entranced that they want to know: “Should this be the new Top Gear dog?”

Actually, the website asked a second question: “Have you ever seen a better driving pooch?” They ask that you send on your answers to


And we’d ask that you also post your answers down below.


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