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Rupert Grint (Rex Features via AP Images)
Rupert Grint (Rex Features via AP Images)

After a week of talking excitedly about British actors appearing in new British dramas and not being entirely sure when or whether these productions would make the move to the U.S., here’s news of a thing that you will definitely get to see before the Brits do.

Radio Times is reporting that Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has signed up to pilot a new comedy show for CBS, called Super Clyde. It’s been created by Greg Garcia, the man behind My Name Is Earl, and the plot appears to be a comedic re-imagining of those Secret Millionaire-type shows. Rupert plays a kind-hearted comics buff and fast-food employee called Clyde, who dreams of becoming a super hero one day.

But rather than being bitten by a radioactive mosquito or falling in a vat of chemicals, Clyde receives a huge inheritance from his Uncle Bill — $100,000 a month, no less — and resolves to use this as if it was his superpower, to reward kindness and charity, and ward off evil.

Whether he does this in a cape or not remains to be seen.


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By Fraser McAlpine