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Skins had a good run with seven seasons ending in 2012. (XX)

Joe Dempsie

Dempsie stops by a street art launch. (AP)

Skins character: Chris, a party boy who escapes from his sad family life through drugs.
Seasons: 1-2
Since then: In episode 6 of the fourth series of Doctor Who, The Doctor’s Daughter, Dempsie played a soldier who watches his comrades die.
Now: On Game of Thrones, he plays Gendry, a blacksmith apprentice who is the illegitimate son of King Robert I.
Next: He’s starring as the prime suspect in Murder, the one-off drama from Danish filmmaker Birger Larsen (The Killing), airing on BBC Two.
Plans: He seems to have a good head on his shoulders saying, “Sometimes you go through stages … the mind of an actor is a very fragile thing and different people deal with it in different ways.” (Idol Magazine)

Then: On Skins , Chris works with his mate to cut down on swearing and get a new job after being sacked.

Now: On Game of Thrones , Gendry befriends Arya Stark, who is disguised as a boy, giving the child some tips for survival.

NEXT: Luke Pasqualino

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By Brigid Brown