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Skins had a good run with seven seasons ending in 2012. (XX)

Kaya Scodelario

Scodelario walks the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. (AP)

Skins character: Tony’s sister Effy, who refuses to speak until the end of the first season, becoming a femme fatale in Season 2.
Seasons: 1-4
Since then:  She’s appeared as Cathy in the update of the Brontë” classic Wuthering Heights and in Southcliffe , a four-part series revolving around a fictional English town that’s recovering after sudden violence erupting.
Now:  In Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, Scodelario plays Emanuel who becomes obsessed with her neighbor who has a striking resemblance to her deceased mother.
Next: She’s been cast in the film Invisible.
Plans: When asked about viewing her work she said, “I’m very, very, very emotional. I cry over adverts (advertisements) and stuff.” Hmm, possibly her plan is to watch her work in the privacy of her own home. (

Then: On Skins, the “shy” Effy turns “mean girl.”

Now: the Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes trailer.

NEXT: Joe Dempsie

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By Brigid Brown