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Colin Morgan in 'Quirke'
Colin Morgan in ‘Quirke’

It’s possibly a bit of a rogue’s trick to put this up, given that it’s a showreel for BBC dramas that will be shown on British TV over the course of this year, but not necessarily on American TV. There again, there are so many shows here that are already massively big Stateside that we’d be remiss in our duty if we didn’t at least say this thing is out there.

Take a look: you will see some Doctor Who, a snippet of Sherlock (taken from already-shown episodes, but the point that it’s coming back is well taken), Luther, and Call The Midwife. Then there’s David Tennant in his new legal drama The Escape Artist, and Colin Morgan looking very fresh-faced for his guest appearance in the period police procedural Quirke.

And oh look! There’s Cillian Murphy in a new drama called Peaky Blinders, and Gillian Anderson in another detective series called The Fall (which isn’t about the British indie band, sadly). Lacey Turner from EastEnders/Being Human joins the army in Our Girl, Jason Isaacs walks about, John Simm looks lost on a farm, Victoria Wood has a uniform on, and there’s a drama about zombies, called In The Flesh.

Not a bad collection, all told…

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By Fraser McAlpine