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Kristin Scott Thomas, Lia Williams and Rufus Sewell Old Times play at the Harold Pinter Theatre, London, Britain. (AP)
Kristin Scott Thomas, Lia Williams and Rufus Sewell
in Old Times at the Harold Pinter Theatre. (AP)

Kristin Scott Thomas (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Nowhere Boy) and Lia Williams (Dirty Weekend) have signed up to role-share in Harold Pinter’s play Old Times, reports the London Evening Standard.

Scott Thomas and Williams will be learning both roles for Kate and Anna. Every three performances the actresses will switch roles. And, to make things interesting, one night a week the role will be based on a coin toss. So, audience members won’t know what to expect. Tricky.

“There are two brains working on the same part,” Scott Thomas told the Evening Standard. “I absorb everything Lia does and take note. You’re both pinching each other’s ideas. It’s very exciting. I love the dynamic between the women — female friendship and love, the way one tries to steal the other one’s life.”

The thought of two brains being molded together sounds very Frankentein-ish and coincidentally makes us think of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller and their role-share in Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein.

What are your thoughts on role-sharing?

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By Brigid Brown