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(Photo via BBC)

Smart is sexy. A weighty conversation is not only intellectually stimulating but really gets the blood flowing. BBC America’s premiering a new show tonight (February 11) at 10:20pm Eastern called Bang Goes the Theory, featuring four young, sexy hosts having fun testing theories.

On this occasion, let’s take a peek at some other Brits who are making science sexy:

Adam Rutherford

(Photo via LightHouse)

Field: Genetics
Broadcast: He currently hosts the BBC documentary called The New Genetics reporting on a major discovery debunking the Human Genome Project that previously suggested that only 1 percent of human DNA codes for proteins was functional and the rest is “junk.”
Draw: He’s able to break down complicated theories in an interesting way based on his charming storytelling ability.
Podcast: Listen to Rutherford explain how a genome actually works.


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By Brigid Brown