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Craig Roberts (PA Images)
Craig Roberts (PA Images)

Matt Smith makes his TV directorial debut this spring with Cargese, a Sky Arts production written by the award-winning playwright Simon Stephens, as part of their Playhouse Presents programming, which stars Craig Roberts and will be shown in the U.K. on April 25.

Some of you may remember Craig as a lecherous teenage vampire in the BBC AMERICA’s Being Human or from the movie Submarine.

Matt told the Radio Times: “Sky Arts offers creative opportunities that many other channels don’t. To collaborate with Simon Stephens in this capacity was a thrilling and rare opportunity and one we both were keen to embrace.”

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• As we have ten months to go until the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and eleven Doctors, it seems a good time to launch a monthly appraisal of the work of each Doctor (and by extension, the actors playing each Doctor) in turn, starting with William Hartnell, our January pinup and the First Doctor.

• But if you can’t wait until our next installment, read this, from The I Like Doctor Who Project. It’s an appreciation of Patrick Troughton, and his sons.

• This is exactly what we need — a way to make Lego scary. Thanks 21stCenturySox!

• What’s better than one David Tennant? Three David Tennants. (Actually, four, to be precise.) And you can see them all battling each other in this new British ad for Virgin Media’s new TiVo service:

• And did you see our history of the Doctor’s various interactions with the moon? It’s sheer lunacy.

• Something rather awe-inspiring now. Lonely Soles is the Tumblr of a shoe-fan and Photoshop whizz named Alex. She’s designed a ton of high-concept Whovian shoes, as you can see from the image below, and hopes to be able to make them all in real life one day.

And what a wondrous day THAT would be…

Jessica Raine from Call The Midwife has revealed what it was like to be a non-Whovian on a Doctor Who set. She’s in Phantom of the Hex, the first of the second half of Season 7 stories, and found the change from one production to another to be quite startling: “I got offered the part and didn’t think much about it. Then you go on set and you see this blue police telephone box, and suddenly the weight of what you’re doing hits home.”

• We’re slowly becoming addicted to these 50 years of clips videos that keep appearing on YouTube. Here’s a particularly fine example:

• Let’s go out with a touch of class. A full-on TARDIS ballgown, complete with a working interior – console and everything! – and a tiara that replicates the light on the roof.

Say hello to Sasha Trabane, whose outfit was painted by Andy Coyle for the Boston science fiction convention Arisia, winning two prizes for superior cosplay. (Picture by Nenita Hiller)


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By Fraser McAlpine